Learn more about what Feeney Opticians can offer to YOU


Is there parking near Feeney Opticians?

Yes, you may park on McCurtain Street , Pearse Square or Patrick Street for €1 per hour. However, parking is sometimes limited there. There is parking beside the library just off Connolly Street. Parking there is 50c per hour or free on Saturday morning until 1.00.

Opening Hours

What are your opening hours?

We are open 9.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, and 9.30am to 5.00pm on Saturday.


Do I have to book an appointment or can I walk in?

We welcome anyone at any time but to be sure that we can see you we would advise that you book an appointment in order to avoid waiting or having to come another day.


I have been to another optician up until now. Can I go to you?

Yes, you may change from your optician if you wish. We would be delighted to see you! You may notify your previous optician if you wish but you do not have to inform them.

Medical Card

Can I just get the standard glasses with the medical card or can I pick different frames?

With the medical card you may get the standard frames that are completely free of charge or if you wish you may choose from any of our other frames. If you choose from our other frames you are entitled to €41.98 off their cost.

I have a medical card. What does that entitle me to?

With a medical card you are entitled to a free sight test and glasses if required every two years.

Driving Licence

Do you do you carry out the eyesight report for my driver licence?

Yes, we carry out Group 1 and Group 2 Driving Licence Testing. This test checks your vision, contrast sensitivity, eye health and peripheral vision.  If you have met the standard for the licence we can complete and stamp the required form for you.

Contact Lenses

Do you sell solution for contact lenses?

Yes, we sell solution for contact lenses. This is for cleaning and storing your 2-weekly or monthly contact lenses in overnight.

My optometrist recommended one type of monthly disposable contact lens but I have seen cheaper brands available elsewhere. Can I just buy these ones in my power?


The contact lens prescribed by your optometrist or contact lens fitter cannot be interchanged with other lenses as most types of lenses come in a number of sizes, curves and materials. The material will influence the oxygen permeability, dryness, surface deposits etc. The curve influences how the lens fits on your eye. Each of these factors are checked when you have your annual contact lens check up and will differ for different lenses.

It is possible that you may well be able to wear many different types of daily disposable but the lens must be checked by your eye-care practitioner before you can be issued with a prescription or supply.

Why do I need a contact lens prescription / check up? I have no problems with my lenses, they are clear and comfortable.

Although your contact lenses may feel comfortable and your vision may be sharp, you can have problems. Signs of oxygen deprivation or lens binding from a tight lens may have no symptoms at all. Yet if left unmanaged serious problems can develop. During a contact lens check up all aspects of the len fit and function will be assessed and any concerns addressed.

Remember a contact lens is a medical device and as such it’s use should be monitored regularly. In Ireland you must have your lenses checked on an annual basis.

I wear monthly disposable contact lenses but only on an infrequent basis, once or twice a week. My optometrist told me I still need to discard the lenses one month after opening even if I have only worn them five times. Why?

Disposable contact lenses are licensed and given approval for a specified duration of use .This commences when they are removed from their sterile packaging. It means that after this advised time, be it two weeks or one month etc, the performance of the lens cannot be guaranteed by the manufacturer. After this specified time the lens may be less resistant to deposits and be more fragile and the visual performance and lens integrity cannot be compromised.
It is not your optometrist who dictates when the lenses need to be discarded but the licensing authority for contact lens manufacturers.

Can I use any cleaning solutions for my contacts?

There are many different cleaning solutions and regimes available. Some people many have a hypersensitivity to the chemicals in one brand and may need to change to another. Other people may have a problem with excess deposits from their tears sticking to their lenses and may require a solution that targets these deposits specifically.

Other people who have non-disposable soft lenses and RGPs may be advised to use certain cleaning regimes to help maximise the lifespan of the lenses. Your optometrist can discuss the options most suitable for you. You should always stick to the solution advised by your optometrist.

Eye Care

Do you have drops for dry eyes?

Yes, we have a range of drops and gels that are suitable for dry eye symptoms. We would advise an eye test to ensure there is no damage to the eyes causing your dry eye symptoms if you have not already had it checked out.