Professional Fees at Feeney Opticians

Professional Fees

Private Eye Exam: €30

Your optometrist determines your prescription and assesses the health of your eyes.

Clinical Eye Exam: €20 – €30

Red eye, Sore eye, sudden onset eye problem, foreign body, ingrowing lash etc.

Driver Vision Test and Cert: €15/€20
Colour Vision Test and Cert: €15

Public Fees

Public Eye Exam: No Charge

Medical Card Holders, those with PRSI entitlement. Prior authorisation needed. Contact us on 025 32686 to arrange this.

Supplement Tests to Public/Private Eye Examination
Repeat Visual Fields: €15

Contact Lens Fees

Extra Fees may appply to more complex lens types

Contact Lens Trial: No charge
Initial Contact Lens Assessment & Fitting: €25

Assessment, trial, insertion and removal training. Includes FREE trial fitting lenses.

Annual Contact Lens Examination: €20

If felt necessary, visual fields tests and other auxiliary tests will be carried out by our optician as part of your sight test. However, if these need to be repeated, there will be an extra charge as outlined above.

Our fees are based on time, skill and knowledge.


Our frames start at €50 including standard single vision lenses.


Our non prescription sunglasses with Polaroid lenses start at €50.

Contact Lenses

Our daily contact lenses start at €40 for 30 pairs or €105 for 90 pairs.